Reno Teen Plays the Harp, wins the State 4 X 800 Relay and Lands Scholarship to East Coast Summer Writing & Film Program

By Jennifer Burton

Olivia Lowden spent an hour this weekend playing her harp for patients at a local hospital.  Then she put on her running shoes and knocked out a couple of miles on a training run.  She's also busy packing for a trip to Connecticut, where she landed a scholarship to attend a summer session at a [...]

Big Country Music Star, Nice Guy

By Jennifer Burton

Clint Black is playing Reno this weekend, and he's probably one of the nicest guys I've ever interviewed.  In 1992 as his career was just taking off, Black made a stop in Beaumont, Texas, on his way to play Houston, and my news station assigned me to cover the interview.  His handlers were pretty strict [...]