You Are the Recovery

By Jennifer Burton
Chuck Alvey of EDAWN speaks at Directions 2010 in Reno

Chuck Alvey of EDAWN speaks at Directions 2010

Chuck Alvey, of EDAWN, says keeping local businesses open and growing can help Northern Nevada recover from the economic downturn, and he wants your help.  "If you know a company here in town that's having difficulty or trouble–call us.  We'll work with the Chamber of Commerce to put a team together to help them stay here and expand here, " Alvey said, speaking to an audience of about 600 people at Directions 2010.  The economic forum, sponsored by the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce brought together business leaders from around the Truckee Meadows to discuss growth, business sustainability, and development in the year ahead.

Alvey says he also wants to hear about companies that might want to move to Nevada.  He's not shy about asking Nevadans who have ideas for recruiting new businesses, to pick up the phone and call him.  He told me, that once he gets business owners on the ground in Reno, he's won half the battle.

"Feet on the street" is the best sales tool we have," says Alvey.  People often ask him 'why Reno?'  "Once they get here, most of the time they're blown away," he continues.   "My concept is you get the feet on the street here and people generally will say 'I had no idea you have a university here, you have such a cool airport, that you have a river running through downtown, that you have all these businesses here.  I thought  it was just casinos.  Look at these neighborhoods, I didn't know there were neighborhoods here.'  So it's getting that experience that I call feet on the street."

David LaPlante, of One to One Interactive, talked about future opportunities and connecting with customers on the internet through multiple channels.  "Things are happening right now, things are being tweeted, things are being posted…. we want to know what's going on right now, what's in the moment," he told the audience, as he spoke about communications and technology.

Karyn Jensen at her Directions 2010 booth

Karyn Jensen at her Directions 2010 booth

In the hallways outside the symposium, local business people were greeting potential customers.  Karyn Jensen, of Human Resource Connection, said she thinks things are improving.   "I'm always optimistic.  I think if we aren't optimistic then we'll fail," said Jensen, who was hoping her prediction would be confirmed during the forum.

Not all the news at Directions 2010 was upbeat.  According to the presenters, we still have a long way to go to get through this downturn.

"I think there are good signs out there," said Alvey.  But he says we need to stand shoulder to shoulder and ask what each one of us can do to help speed the recovery.

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  1. Jennifer,

    Great to see this site, as we ARE all in this together. I personally am driving a grass roots effort to move Northern Nevada past it's current dependence on flagging industries and doing our best to attract not only companies but quality employees (still feel our economic development groups fail to see that connection..can't have one without the other). Encouraging is the new E-TECHS school being put together (more on that later).

    As there is no contact info for you and your subscribe does not seem to be activated, how do we get in contact?

    Found you through LinkedIn.

    Thank you and keep accentuating the positive!