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Forty Felines in One Home; Need to Find New Digs

By Jennifer Burton

The Nevada Humane Society is trying to place 40 (yes 40!) cats and kittens that were living in one home.  The family asked for help when the cats had kittens, which then had more kittens, and so on, and so on.  "Kittens start breeding when they reach only five months of age," said Denise Stevens [...]

Friday Roundup and Today's Media Tip

By Jennifer Burton

It's been a busy week in Northern Nevada.  The Nevada Humane Society wrote me with some "Breaking Mews."  They are hosting a kitten shower Saturday, June 13th from 1pm to 5pm.   The shower "wish list" includes:  Kitten Chow, hand sanitizer, paper towels and cat toys, just to name a few items.   More information at www.nevadahumane [...]

Home on the Range (Driving Range, that is!)

By Jennifer Burton

You know spring has officially come to Northern Nevada when proud parents trot out their offspring for a waddle around the golf course.  This family was spotted near the 10th hole at Lakeridge Golf Course Monday afternoon.  Three feathered families are sharing the fairway with golfers, greenskeepers and some ducks.
Your PNN photographer had to keep [...]