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How to Show 5,000 Marines You Care: Volunteers Mobilize Hospitality Effort at Reno-Tahoe Airport

By Jennifer Burton

What do you do when 5,000 hungry Marines arrive at the Reno-Tahoe Airport on their way to– and from– the biggest Marine Reserve Corps training exercise in the United States?  You find a way to feed them and give them shelter from the heat.
That's exactly what Perry DiLoreto, who heads the Nevada Military Support Alliance [...]

Go Get 'em Bill: Reno Rodeo Adds Cow Dog Competition

By Jennifer Burton

They have names like Bill, Burt and Lil, and they love their job.  This weekend cow dogs get a chance to show their stuff at the Reno Rodeo Cow Dog Competition.   The trials give ranchers a place to compete and show spectators how their canine ranch hands help round up cattle.
We saw dogs deftly [...]