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Reno Bighorns Mascot Camps out on Casino Roof For Charity

By Jennifer Burton

Bruno the Bighorn braved some powerful wind on Tuesday as he began a rooftop rally atop the Atlantis parking garage in Reno to raise money for families with special needs.  The Reno Bighorns' mascot vows to stay on the roof until 1,000 Bighorns tickets are sold.  Half the money from those tickets will be donated [...]

Positively in the Playoffs: Reno Bighorns Hit the Big Time

By Jennifer Burton

I think I know what Jack Nicholson feels like when he sits court-side at a Laker's game.  Easter Sunday we had front row seats as the Reno Bighorns beat the Tulsa 66ers 105 to 88 at home.   Several times I thought a player might land in our lap; we were that close!
An exciting game, [...]